Thank you to everyone who participated in our Copper Kettle Brunch Fundraiser!

Thank you to Copper Kettle in Wilton for hosting! If you haven't had a chance to check them out please do! The food is top notch and so is the staff!

Visit their Facebook page for information on their regular menus as well as fun events like live music and trivia nights!

All proceeds from this brunch will be used towards our Teacher Appreciation lunch in May.

We were finally able to pull of BINGO night - no thanks to COVID it's been on our minds but unable to be planned until this year!

We had so much fun with all of you and hope you did also.

We look forward to next year!

Taco Tuesday (2/22/22) was a BIG hit with the staff of MVVS!

This absolutely could not have been so perfect without those of you that made it possible with your generous donations!

We believe that we are very lucky to have the staff we do at MVVS and look for every day opportunities to say THANK YOU and this was just great!

PTA Carnation Sale

Another without a Sweetheart Dance meant another year of Carnations at school and it was a big hit!

So many happy kiddos and we were happy to give each student a flower from the PTA! We hope this brought a smile to their faces!

The students at the Village School enjoyed the return of the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop.

It is so wonderful to see how they can focus on family at this time of year and all the great gifts they choose to bring a smile to the faces of those they love the most!

PTAvenue of Lights was a wonderful success again this year!

It has become one of our favorite events at MVVS. We could not pull this off without the wonderful support of the school administration, the MV Police Dept, the Daland Memorial Library staff, as well as the countless individuals who have supported this effort in the past couple of year! And, most importantly, YOU - the community who came to see all the hard work put in by these people!

We were so delighted to be able to bring back the Scholastic Book Fair this fall. It is always so wonderful to see the kids get excited about reading! We look forward to the Spring BOGO Fair.

Look for info to come home in May!

Thank you for supporting the PTA Poinsettia Sales.

We hope they added a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations!


Thank you for a wonderful time at the outdoor movie night! What an amazing turn out!

Thank you to McLeod's Farm for donating yummy apples to our event!

Thank you for your support of the PTA Caramel Apple Box sales.

We must also thank Lull Farm who supplied the apples to the PTA this year.

Thank you to Hayward's Ice Cream of Milford for their generous donation

that helped make our Ice Cream Social a huge success!

We are grateful for their support year after year!!!